Custom Clock Repair & Service in Buffalo, NY

Here at WNY Clock Repair, we are proud to be able to provide grandfather, antique, and mantel clock repair and service.

We service all makes and models of clocks. Whether you need antique clock repair for a family heirloom or Howard Miller clock repair, we can help. We maintain a large inventory of obsolete parts to properly repair models for which parts are not generally available.

Have a look below at our many services to get a better sense of what we do. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our clockmakers are proud to serve clients throughout the Buffalo, NY area. We look forward to getting to know you better and keeping your clocks in great working order.


We can repair and maintain virtually any kind of clock. Our specialty is antique and modern case clocks, also known as grandfather and grandmother clocks, including tubular chime models. You can find clocks like these from fine manufacturers such as Howard Miller, Baldwin, Herschede, Ridgeway, Colonial, and New England Clock Company.

We can also service and repair many other kind of clocks, including the following:

  • Mantel Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Regulators
  • Kitchen Clocks
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Ogee Clocks
  • French Clocks
  • Anniversary Clocks
  • Electric Clocks
    • Lanshire
    • GE
    • Western Union
    • And More!

From the most minor to the most serious repairs, including movement repair and replacement, we can handle it all. Most of the time we can even do it in your own home, too!


Close-up of a metal surface with a single rivet and visible brush marks, showing fine details and texture.


Close-up of a worn metal surface with a single screw and visible scratches around it.

Here is an example of a worn area in a clock that was repaired as part of an overhaul. The plate is bored out, replaced with a new bushing and refinished to look like new.


Generally, you can take a mantel or antique clock, find where you want to put it, place it there and you’re good to go. A grandfather clock requires more careful setup. We can make sure your grandfather clock is set up in a way that ensures it will run correctly for years. We’ll keep it away from heat sources, make sure it’s level, and give it a thorough inspection before we go. Once we’re done, your grandfather clock will be able to keep faithful time for years to come.


Are you planning to move? Is it time to pass an antique or grandfather clock down to the next generation? Let us help. We’ll carefully pack your clock so that it is ready for moving without getting damaged along the way. We offer local area moving and set up as well. Please call with the width and height of your clock so we can give you a price quote! We also provide pickup and delivery of small clocks being repaired within the Buffalo NY area, including the suburbs and Niagara County.